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Group courses and private lessons in English and Dutch. Certificate and learning materials

Learn Dutch Every Day

Dutch learning courses in Bergen op Zoom

Language school Learn Dutch Every Day

The Dutch language school learn Dutch every day was established in 2012 in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands. The school offers Dutch language courses in English and Dutch in small groups, company courses and individual lessons in Bergen op Zoom and nearby towns such as Roosendaal and Goes. Courses take place on the weekend.

Why is it worth choosing our school?

10 years experience

Many years of experience in learning Dutch from A1 to C2 level

Grammatical schemes

Building sentences based on schemes is a simple and effective form of learning this language

Learning materials

Learning on the basis of prepared books. You learn in three steps


You learn how to build sentences in Dutch in the present, future and past tense


You learn dialogues in Dutch that will help you in communication, integration as well as home administration


Pronunciation and spelling of the words in the Dutch language. You learn sentence structure in Dutch

Dutch language courses

Group courses and private lessens

Language school Learn Dutch Every Day offers Dutch courses from level A1 to C2. Courses are organized in small groups at designated locations where you can learn the basic of the Dutch language, vocabulary and Dutch grammar in English. 

Materials for learning Dutch


You learn on the basis of specially prepared books for fast and effective learning. Books are three steps. Step 1 Basics, Step 2 Grammar of the present and future tense, Step 3 is a grammar of the past tense. The books are supplemented with dialogues and words in Dutch and English.